Vanilla Noel – Moonworks Collection

(4 customer reviews)

Vanilla Noel – Moonworks Collection

(4 customer reviews)


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A creamy vanilla buttercream swirled atop a scrumptious rich sugar cookie with marshmallow fluff and crushed vanilla beans on a dry down of light musk. By far one of the best vanilla fragrances we have ever smelled!

Hot and cold throw rocks in a soy candle filled my living room and lingered for over an hour. You can smell the candle without lighting it and wait until you smell it in CP soap! Simply a yummy fragrance in all applications.

Documents: IFRA

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Additional fragrance details, usage and shipping information

Weight 2.175 oz

1 fl oz., 4 fl oz., 8 fl oz., 1 pound



Vanilla Content



Bath and Body (B&B), Cold Process (CP), Hot Process (HP), Melt & Pour (M&P)

Testing Notes

discoloration to light tan., No acceleration

Phthalate Free


Shipping Restrictions

There are no restrictions which means that this fragrance can ship USPS or FedEx

Country of Origin

All fragrances are manufactured in the USA

4 reviews for Vanilla Noel – Moonworks Collection

  1. Nicole M

    I really like this Vanilla Noel. Nice and creamy and a strong thrower in parasoy wax, especially for a vanilla FO. I also use it quite a bit as a blender. Thanks PFO!

  2. tatteredfairy8

    My favorite VBN from any supplier. Super strong in soy and parasoy products, very strong in room sprays and perfume.

  3. Poki

    For some reason, VBN is tough to pull off for fragrance oil manufacturers. They always have some weird note that is distinctly…odd.

    The fragrance in this oil is perfect! No funny notes. Nothing off. It’s a slightly sweet, creamy, soft and addictive vanilla fragrance.

    Unfortunately I did not get a strong hot throw in parasoy, even at 1 month cure with 12% fragrance load. Light-Medium at best. If it comes to life at 60 days, I’ll post another review. Vanilla fragrances are famous for needing a long cure.

    Most of all, I’m happy to have this fragrance in a version that I’m confident enough in to use in soaps, scrubs and body creams. I reiterate – the scent itself is perfect!

  4. Poki

    As promised I’m updating my review because the extra 30 days cure made a difference! So not only is this scent perfect for what it is (VBN) It also has good throw in parasoy at 60 days cure. I’d rate it a medium-strong throw or 7 out of 10. That cure may seem like forever to some people, but it’s typical for vanilla fragrances and is totally worth it! Planning ahead isn’t an issue for me so I’m very happy. I’m not upgrading to 5 stars simply because of the cure time.

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