Moonworks Collection Scents

We are the exclusive owners of Moonworks Collection original fragrances.

We added these fragrances to our line in 2014 and ONLY use the original formulas. These fragrances are NOT duplications

Although these fragrances have been duped by others, our customers agree they do not compare to the originals. If you want to experience these original, time tested fragrances Moonworks carried in the past, you have come to the right place.

Special Note:
You may notice that our images and descriptions for these fragrances have changed.  When we purchased the fragrances, we were given permission by the owner to use the exact descriptions and images; however, the MWC original descriptions were written by a third party.  So, don’t be alarmed!!!  You are still getting the original formulas that we purchased, just with a facelift.

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