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We’ve put together our favorite resources for setting up and growing your business. Within the guide you’ll find resources for:

  • Technology, website and graphic design tools


Please note that some of the links within this page are affiliate links, which means if you choose to continue with signing up for the service we may receive a small commission. We believe in privacy, transparency, and disclosure to our customers.

Technology, website and graphic design tools

  • Graphics & Photo Editing
  • Online booking tools and conferencing
  • Email software and systems
  • Website hosting companies

Graphics & Photo Editing

Used to create various forms of graphics, guides, ​and handouts for your social media presence and clients.

Online booking tools and conferencing

Hands down, one of the best online scheduling tools. This tool allows your clients to book appointments online.

Easy and simple web conferencing tool to meet with your clients and potential clients.

Email software and systems

ConvertKit has many features: such as simple landing pages, form integration, and email. The main purpose is to grow and house your email list.

Similar to ConvertKit, but somewhat simplified. As there is a free option, this is a great tool to start out and scale up later as your business grows.

Website hosting companies

I recommend SiteGround to my clients as their web hosting platform and WordPress to house and publish their web site.


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