Slap Ya’ Mama Cake

(2 customer reviews)

Slap Ya’ Mama Cake

(2 customer reviews)


This scrumptious fragrance begins with butter cream and a touch of shredded coconut, with cinnamon and sweet anise, finishing with sugar and vanilla extract. This is just another addiction waiting to happen!

Documents: IFRA

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Weight N/A

1 fl oz., 4 fl oz., 8 fl oz., 1 pound



Vanilla Content


Phthalate Free



Bath and Body (B&B), Cold Process (CP), Hot Process (HP), Melt & Pour (M&P)

Testing Notes

No acceleration, No discoloration

Shipping Restrictions

There are no restrictions which means that this fragrance can ship USPS or FedEx

Country of Origin

All fragrances are manufactured in the USA

2 reviews for Slap Ya’ Mama Cake

  1. Poki

    I was so excited to use this! It’s a scrumptious, rich yellow cake with notes of fresh shredded coconut to my nose. It fell short on the HT in parasoy, but I’ll gladly use this in sugar scrub!

  2. Poki

    Update: I allowed the same batch to cure an additional 30 days (60 days total) and BOOM! Just like that (and like other vanilla heavy fo’s) this bad boy came to life with medium-strong (or 7 out of 10) throw! The scent is unique from the hundreds of others that I’ve tried in the same “vanilla heavy, bakery” category, is amazing and totally worth it. My overall rating is 4 stars (-1 for cure time) but I’m giving it 5 on this review to offset my previous 3 star review .

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