Frosted Pink Cupcake

(1 customer review)

Frosted Pink Cupcake

(1 customer review)


A deliciously decadent pink cupcake with vanilla topped with double whipped sugary pink frosting. One sniff of this fragrance and you will want to devour it, but it’s not edible.

Back by demand, our Frosted Pink Cupcake fragrance was a hit years ago and with the urging of some of our customers, we decided to bring it back.

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Additional fragrance details, usage and shipping information

Weight 2.175 oz

1 fl oz., 4 fl oz., 8 fl oz., 1 pound



Vanilla Content


Shipping Restrictions

There are no restrictions which means that this fragrance can ship USPS or FedEx


Bath and Body (B&B), Cold Process (CP), Hot Process (HP), Melt & Pour (M&P)

Testing Notes

Discolors to medium tan, No acceleration

Country of Origin

All fragrances are manufactured in the USA

1 review for Frosted Pink Cupcake

  1. Lynn Young

    Well, not sure how else to describe this scent other than their description, but my nose wants to pick up a hint of musk as well.

    It is a great scent for those that like sugary sweet candy type scents. You can pick up a passing waft of cake as well as the buttery frosting. Not quite enough to want to lick it to make sure it is not really food, but close.

    These would be great for those that like to make cupcake soaps or cupcake tarts-bombs.

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