Black Friday Sales!

Black Friday Sales

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We offer a flat rate shipping option of $11.95 anywhere in the US (48 states). 

Our Black Friday sale starts Monday November 18th …….

We love options! And, this holiday season, we are giving you some.  As an early Christmas gift to our valued customers, we are offering a few different ways for you to save this year.

Here’s what we have for you in our fragrance oil black friday sale!

  • 15% off select fragrance oils
  • 20% off new fragrance oils
  • 25% off new fragrance oil sampler packs

15% off – the following select fragrance oils

Save 15% off any of these 25 select fragrances. Only a certain amount will be sold at this reduced price. Once the amount is sold, it will go back to its regular price.

20% off – NEW fragrance oils

We have had SO many requests for these popular fragrances that we had to offer them to you.  All of our new fragrances are 20% off. 

These fragrances have already been ordered and will ship the first week in December.  We are only selling a limited amount of these fragrances at this price, so once we reach that amount, the fragrances will go back to their regular price. 

So, don’t wait.  Take advantage of this sale, while supplies last.

25% off – NEW sampler pack fragrance oils

Take advantage of our 3 new sampler packs.  These sampler packs contain highly requested fragrances that we used to carry, that were part of the Southern Garden Scents line, as well as some new fragrances.

You can purchase 1 sampler pack or purchase all 3, it is completely up to you. (Note: only 1 type of sampler pack per order)

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